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Attractor Attractor

In the field of dynamic systems, an attractor is a set of states toward which a system tends to evolve.

We are building an attractor attractor.

eg an attractor for building more attractors.


With ethereum, we now have programmable money. Anyone with programming skills can now create an incentive field that warps behaviours of agents around them.

In what way can we leverage this moment of opportunity to create better, more solid, attractors?

This resource is a playful attempt at building awareness of this moment of opportunity. We want want to spread the skills of designing attractors.

How to get involved

Read the comic here (opens in a new tab).

Read the genesis posts that led to the creation of the comic

Join the telegram with other attractor attractors. https://t.me/+SISOI8-cs3c0NjM5 (opens in a new tab)